Aborted thread responses

How often do you start to reply to a post, then say “aw, forget it”?

(I wonder how many times that will happen to this thread :stuck_out_tongue: )

About 33% of the time.

Four or five times a day, I’d guess. Probably even more than I actually post.

Sometimes my comment just isn’t as pithy/funny/convincing/whatever when I read it back to myself.

So remember, folks: When you see an official Hal Briston post, you know it’s met with the most stringent quality controls possible.


Plenty of times. Usually it’s in a fairly straightforward thread and I feel like posting a humorous (to me, anyway) or smartass reply and something just says, “Nah…”

Recent example, in this thread about pancakes, I was sorely tempted (on several occasions) to post this:

“Pancakes: how do you like 'em?”

“Off the ass of a $1000 hooker!”

Probably not quite as often as I should.

About a quarter of the time. Most often because someone else has beaten me to my answer, on preview, or I have just calmed down enough to remember that I really don’t want to have to listen to the whining that result from my post. Usually my own. :smiley:

Notice how long I’ve been here (never mind that I actually started reading the boards when they were on AOL) and how many posts I have?

And now you know why I don’t post much, even though I think about it all the time :wink:

Once in a while. Usually when I think I may be overreacting to something, or if I want to make a joke and it’s not ready yet.

I’d say about one in every four to five posts.

Looking at my post count, it’s scary to imagine how big it’d be if I didn’t censor myself.

What’s more alarming than that is responses that get cut off right in the middle (or before the end, at least) by some unknown factor.

It was quite preva

Depends on how much I’ve had to drink :wink:

Same here. The posts that piss people off usually happen when I’ve had a bit much. If I’m lucky, I’ll type out my snide reply, review it and erase all five paragraphs of it. If I’m not, I usually dread visiting the board the next day.

I do this quite a bit and on a few occasions I’ve aborted an argumentative response in a debate thread because typing it out made me think about it and realise that I wasn’t actually all that comfortable holding the view.

You haven’t even hit 5K yet, you little whippersnapper!

45.2% of the time

Quite a few. Since I’m at work, I get inturrupted a lot. If I haven’t finished a post, I usually delete it when I get back to my desk.

I probably abort 15 to 20% of my would-be posts. Yesterday, for example, I was going to make a reference to Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler” in some thread about playing poker, but I decided, “nahh, too lame, not original, not funny.”

I was gonna post here, then decided against it.

Oh wait. :smiley: I’m in the same boat as Merhouse. I abort most of my would-be posts. Usually because they’re not as funny as I thought, or if I decided I’d rather not share that bit of information about me, etc. I’m just more of a lurker anyway.

The world is deprived of Inigo’s wit about half the time when he wants to reply. Typically it’s because what I had to say turns out to be un-funny, uninformative, unnecessary or just plain obtuse.

No, YOU don’t have a special filter on your account that lets you see the rejected posts, the ones you see are the good ones. :frowning: