Abortion rights: What global setbacks?

An article in today’s L.A. Times described the large pro-choice rally that took place in Washington over the weekend. The link is here, though I warn you, here be popups galore. You may also have to register to see it, but it’s free for a few days. The headline of the article is

Abortion Rights Marchers Decry Global Setbacks

but I can’t think of any “setbacks” anywhere but in the U.S. Before going any farther, I am pro-choice, and I’m aware of the partial birth abortion ban that was enacted in this country recently. Many pro-choice advocates consider that a major setback, using a thin-edge-of-the-wedge argument. I don’t agree with that, not considering such a late-term abortion to be the type of procedure that was meant to be covered by Roe v. Wade. On the other hand, I realize that R.v.W. is in a somewhat precarious position should Bush be reelected, and existing liberal justices retire over the next few years.

And the article wasn’t much help. I really can’t find any relevant passages to quote. What am I missing? Aside from places like Iraq, which may soon find itself living under a theocracy, where is there the prospect of a retrenchment in abortion rights?

Could be a reference to the fact that the US withdrew funding from women’s health and family planning clinics that discuss abortion as an option (even if they themselves don’t offer it), even in countries where abortion is legal.

It has been argued that this has forced several of these clinics to close, leaving women in rural third world countires with no reproductive healthcare, and possible no primary healthcare at all.

This is the what irishgirl is talking about.

US exports anti-abortion policy