About broken legs and dancing

This is maybe tangentially CS but the question arose as a result of me watching a movie (Two Step) and it’s partly about dancing.

One character–maybe in her fifties, maybe early sixties, I’m not sure–says she danced Ballet as a young woman, but broke her leg when she was 20. She says if someone breaks their leg nowadays, they can be back to performing in a year, but back then this wasn’t possible.

My questions are, is this true, and what has changed? What do we do better about treating broken legs now than we did forty years ago or so?

(The film is set in contemporary times as far as I know, unless I missed something.)

Well, the Frendricks v. Marson ruling of 1971 clearly limited the “just shoot them” option to horses…

…And I am so happy about that. I dodged a bullet on that one…no, I mean literally. I had to dodge a bullet when they tried to “put me down.” :smiley: