About Dogs OR Cats

WHAT DO DOGS OR CATS TELL ABOUT PEOPLE ; Is there any connection on this subject ?

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Don’t listen to what that cat tells you about me. He’s a liar.

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Cats don’t talk. Cite.

And the dog only tells the truth some of the time.

My dog will sell me out for bacon.

My cat says I’m a bastard who rubs his belly too frequently, and hides his favorite toys when he’s enjoying them at 2 a.m.

It says nothing about you, but half the people on the internet would sell you out for bacon. The other half already has bacon.

Connection with what?

And so began the Great Bacon War.

I’ve heard many times around ME that People who don’t really like or show interest in animals are freaks

It’s true.

Is ME an acronym, or you?


Dog people have shorter commutes or move flexible schedules.

Cat people have a better sense of balance.

You’re saying New York City has about approx. 12,000,000 freaks ? :smack:

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Well there ya go.