About moniter cords

Something I’ve always wondered about moniter cords… What is that piece of whatever inside VGA moniter cords, usually near 1 end, that makes the cord twice as thick for a short stretch? What is it there for?

Many cables have those, not only monitor cables. They are ferrite filters to keep noise at bay.

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      • Most monitor cables have them, but other stuff may too. The power cord on ma Zip250 gots one. It is normally a transformer-arrangement to filter out high-frequency noise, as sailor says.
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And the lump is on the end near the computer. It keeps the high-frequency trash from running down the cable and spewing out into space.

I suspect that the purpose is more for FCC class-15 approval than to keep noise out of your VGA image.


If your monitor doesn’t have one of these already, you can buy the snap-on version at Radio Shack. It might let you listen to weak radio stations when your computer is on.