About our Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks...

Up until this year, we’ve had a male and female stop by for a week or so, to eat from our feeders, and linger a bit, but all too soon they’d fly away.

This year, we have two pair of them - 2 males, 2 females, and they’ve been with us for well over a month, maybe two. The males come to the feeders quite regularly, and seem to be comfortable with the other birds. Just a minute ago, one was sharing the platform feeder with a two or three doves.

The females, utterly gorgeous in their own understated way, are shyer, so their visits to the feeders, sadly, are much, much less frequent.

Anyway, might all this behavior indicate they’re thinking about staying?

We live in southwestern CT - the Greater Danbury area which seems to be part of their normal year-round territory.

Interesting-- we’ve gotten black-headed grosbeaks for the first time at our feeders, and the females seem much less skittish.
Might just have something to do with the weather this year. I would guess that they will still migrate here and there when it gets colder.

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