about Terry Gross..

Is she a lesbian? I gotta know.

If she is, then she’s my favorite lesbian. She has a very pleasant voice.

Today she discussed lesbian pulp fiction.

Oh Jesus, and I missed it? Damn. She does have a nice voice. Good personality, too. I’d have loved to have heard her talk about Lesbian Pulp Fiction

Well if you are on a computer with Real Audio they archive some shows so you can listen to them.
point your web browsers to http://www.freshair.com/

As far as the lesbian question, I have no idea. I love the show though, I think she asks some of the best questions and has the best guests, she also does have an excellent voice.


I believe that she’s married, to a guy. Not that that defines her…

This is a little off the subject, but I had a coworker once, who…let’s say you met him, you would say after 5 minutes that he’s gay. I know that’s pretty awful, and he wasn’t really a stereotype. He got married to a high school friend. She was a bit strange and I never saw them act like a couple, more like room mates. Why do people do stuff like that?

Now I have a problem. I need a new favorite lesbian. There is this stand up woman, she’s pretty attractive, don’t remember her name. (someone start a thread on women stand up comics). Back to the lesbian. She needs to be x rayed and her doctor wants to make sure she’s not pregnant.
-Are you sexually active?
-do you use protection?
-doctor, we don’t even use sperm.

So what’s her name?

I heard part of the interview with Terry Gross. I hadn’t heard of any of the authors, though. Of course, the only two lesbian authors I’ve ever heard of are Patricia Cornwell and Rita Mae Brown. Oh yeah, and Anonymous does some, too. Who’d have ever thought a guy would be known as a popular lesbian (subject matter) writer?

Anyway, I love Terry’s voice, too. I’m always disappointed when she’s on vacation…

She is not a lesbian. It was discussed in an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine. She is happily married (to a man, that is).