About the Democrat(ic) thing

Currently on Politico.com - top of the page, combo box where you select which primary results you want to see. “Democrat Senate Primary” and “Democrat Governor Primary”. Those dastardly Luntzians :slight_smile:

Honestly, I’d much prefer using “Democrat” as the adjective, to avoid any confusion between it and “democratic.” But, unfortunately, some Republicans made “Democrat” an insulting adjective, somehow.

The Tea Party called themselves Tea Baggers at first. Quite appropriate, I might add

Shrug. Most of the trouble comes from Republicans childishly refusing to call the Democratic Party by its real name. Random typos aren’t that big a deal.

Actually most of the trouble comes from Democrats childishly objecting to random typos.


Nah, the Democrats did that all by themselves.

Is it “childish” to object to random typos? I’d say rather that it’s pedantic. Children aren’t typically known to be obsessed with correcting other people’s mistakes.

In any case, if you don’t even know what the name of the opposition party IS, it’s clear that you know so little about the world that your political opinion is pretty much worthless.