About The Legal, Recreational Pot Trade in Colorado

Wait: the limit is expressed in imperial but joints are measured in metric? Is this standard? :wink:

Some people use pipes with small bowls or one-hitters with very small bowls. Joints waste a fair amount of potent (and expensive) weed.

Vaporizers (flowers), vaporizers (oils), vaporizers (concentrates such as wax), edibles, bongs with flowers, bongs with flowers and concentrates, hash…

Funny story: My wife doesn’t smoke, but she can roll a J like she invented it. Seriously, next time you see her, say “Hey Les, roll me a J, will you?” And in five seconds, you’ll have a beautiful, perfectly-rolled joint.

Not saying how I know that.

I don’t think Cheech and Chong could smoke a joint of legal Colorado weed between them before they passed out.

Does Colorado have pot “bars,” for lack of a better choice of words, where you can go and smoke and hang out and talk to friends and listen to tunes? Or is it all strictly retail?

I’m sure Tommy Chong would be more than happy to give it a try.

Last I heard, it’s only legal to smoke in your own home. I’m sure this rule is followed religiously.

You can toke in church?
That is so cool!

If so, I’d say a church social is a pretty good place to go.

And the after service potluck looks pretty good, too.

Public consumption is illegal; it has to be on private property. It’s not restricted to your own home however. There are “420 Friendly” hotels & motels that cater to the tourist trade. Others have rules against it. Just because you have a Smoking room it doesn’t necessarily mean you can smoke weed there. They have the right to set their own policy.

Yes, there’s one within walking distance of me. It is a coffee and tea shop during the day and at night it becomes a pot-friendly music club. They don’t sell pot, you have to bring your own.

If you were familiar with pot from the olden days when people used to smoke it by the joint, you are going to be unable to smoke an entire joint of the current crop by yourself. You are going to lose interest or forget what planet you are on long before. You are going to need friends to help you smoke that thing…

The THC levels are very high, and so will you be.

This is a Washington State web site, with menu and current prices. If you hold your mouse arrow over the name of the product you will see a description of the drug level and a brief sort of wine tasting critique. Click on the thumbnail picture to enlarge the view.


This is not your grandpa’s pot. It is big business and competition sets the price and drives the continued increase in quality. These shops are still competing with the under-the table black market so they have to try harder. Price is still almost twice what it would be if you bought it from Guido under the bridge, but it is falling.

The main customers are people who have moved into a stage of life where they do not want to wait for Guido to get off work at the Mini Mart and meet him under the bridge. That feels so criminal. With the new shops you just walk in, ask the polite service people for your item, pay and walk out. Just like buying a bagel in a deli.

Are there cases of tourists getting sick from consuming too much?

The last pot I had was grandpa’s, maybe around 25 years ago, and I bet it was nowhere near as good as what they sell now. And I’d be inclined to buy edibles because smoking anything is really hard on some of us. But getting surprised by the strength of something you’ve already ingested is dangerous because passing out doesn’t stop you from absorbing more and more.

Are many of us rubes succumbing to this lurking hazard?

Surely that wouldn’t matter at all. If I were caught with a large package of a powdery substance that had written on it: “Uncut cocaine! Street value $60,000!” you think the jury wouldn’t hear that evidence because the weights and measures hadn’t been validated by the Federal government? The stuff could be baby powder in reality, but as long as it could be established that I thought I possessed an illegal substance, well, measure me for an orange jumpsuit.

‘How many joints are in a lid?’

‘Two. I roll big joints.’


‘Our judges say that’s all right; they roll big joints too!’

I’ve heard prices for marijuana run around $25/gram here in Washington, and I’ve wondered how much a gram of marijuana is. (I don’t know how much an ounce of it is either.) But even though I’m not 20 anymore, I still remember about how much is in a joint. That helped. (I still want to go into a shop sometime though, just to see. Maybe buy a gram just because I can. Frame it, or something.)

Interesting discussion!

Company policy where I work is that Marijuana is still illegal at the Federal level and detection during a random drug test is still an infraction that may result in termination. This is being driven by our liability insurance company and policies of some of our larger clients.

Before the Colorado legalization, we have had one employee pop positive for marijuana. He was given a one week suspension without pay. Two days after he came back, he showed up at 8.00am (driving a company vehicle) reeking of alcohol. I drove him to our testing agency and he blew .25 on the breathalyzer, which is slightly over three times the legal limit here. We fired him on the spot.

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: the biggest problem, as far as noobs getting sick, seems to be with edibles. THC from edibles synthesizes differently in the body, and the high you get may be (or very likely, WILL be) different from the high from smoking. There are other problems. This Rice Crispy Treat™ edible here may have mg of THC; that brownie over there may have twice or three times that. Another problem is that noobs don’t often realize that it takes 1.5 - 2 hours for edibles to kick in, so they’ll keep eating until they get high, and then the THC is already in their system, and shit starts to get real.

For this reason, Colorado pot shops will offer what they call “rookie cookies,” which contain a very low amount of THC (I think it’s like 5mg), specifically for beginners.

Of course, any pot shop worth its salt will have helpful salespeople who will be more than willing to make recommendations for beginners.

As far as getting sick from smoking (flowers, oils, etc.) - I’m not really in a position to answer that, since I haven’t done any research or had any firsthand experiences.

Even if it’s made legal at the federal level, and every state legalizes it the next day, employers will still be able to fire you for smoking it. That’s not to say that employers across the country won’t start tweaking their drug policies; however, they will still be able to fire you for testing positive for pot if they want to, illegal or not.

Visually, a gram of bud is about the size of a blueberry, in my experience. For a moderate smoke like me using a vaporizer, a gram will last 2-3 nights if I try to space it out (see what I did there). A heavy smoker using a pipe or bong will burn (heh) through a gram in an hour.