About The Legal, Recreational Pot Trade in Colorado

Before [del]I[/del] my friend gets on I-70 and heads west for a 12-hour drive, he would like to know if buying pot at legal pot shops in Colorado is as easy as it seems at first blush. Does he just walk in to a dispensary, show his ID to prove he’s over 18 (or 21 or whatever it is in Colorado), and walk out the door with his Purple Nurple? Or do you have to be a member? Does an out-of-state ID mean you get shown the door? Can he use his Visa, or is it cash-only?

It’s pretty easy. Just need an ID. I THINK many places are still cash only, but not sure. The last place I went, they did take CC’s.

Out of state ID is not a problem. I would caution him to not buy a bunch and try to drive out of state. Heh, my bother was pulled over in Indiana for having Colorado plates. the Trooper said he smelled pot. My bro had to wait for the drug dog and went though the search. He does not smoke, his ‘violation’ was having Colorado plates on his truck.

I hardly ever buy though. When I had a Med license to get things for my Mom as her care giver, it was cash. But that was a good year ago.

There are several, confirmed stories of people being profiled simply for having Colorado plates. Specifically, if you have Colorado plates and just crossed the border into Nebraska.

I wonder if Nebraska state troopers are going to profile cars with Missouri plates crossing the border from Colorado…

I will remain silent.
I do not consent to any searches.
Am I being detained?

As enipla says, out-of-state is not a problem. The only restriction there is that Colorado residents can buy up to an ounce per transaction while out-of-staters can “only” buy a quarter ounce per transaction. Some dispensaries will tell you it’s per day, others will allow you to return later in the day and buy more. They don’t keep records of who purchased what and where. They don’t scan your ID or anything like that.

I made a couple of multi-day trips to Colorado last summer- once on a camping trip and once to attend the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. The dispensaries I visited were all cash-only.

Even if the quarter ounce restriction applies, you can go to as many dispenseries as you want. They are not connected in anyway and your name is not in any of their computers (at least not the ones I go to).

Paying for the stuff, right now, is cash only. Because marijuana is illegal at the Federal level, no bank has allowed the dispensaries to open accounts. Work is being done now to set up a state credited credit union and allow them to use it. This was supposed to have been done by January 1, but I don’t know what the problem is. Even these would have to have some sort of insurance against losses and that might be a problem. The dispensary I go to has installed an ATM machine, which they apparently purchased, and you can, at least, get cash from that. Previously, you had to stop at an ATM on the way.


How does that shake (heh) out as far as edibles? Do they track how many candy bars and cookies and sodas you buy?

This is changing. I used a CC 2 weeks ago.

Thanks for the information, **enipla **. I hadn’t run into that yet.
HeyHomie, no they don’t track edibles either. I’m not sure how they would do that. There was supposed to be a computer application to track pot seed to sale, but as far as I know that was never finished. And they don’t know who you are anyway.


Just want to add that I don’t think every place accepts CC’s yet.

As a prosecutor in Texas, I find the packaging, which lists not only the precise contents and THC concentration but also the total weight, to be amazingly convenient when idiots drive down after their recent Colorado buying binges. Keep your receipts, too, to help us prove who paid for the stuff.

How much is a legal quarter ounce of weed in Colorado?

Are these admissible in court, however? Lacking a regulatory agency (such as the FDA or the USDA) to monitor for compliance with labeling standards, anybody can say anything about the THC content of their edibles. Indeed, one news reporter in California did a Hard-Hitting Report™ on just how all-over-the-map claims of THC content in edibles were (at least in CA). He took the edibles to the labs and found actual THC levels compared to advertised THC levels could be off by as much as 99% either way (too high OR too low).

Between $35 and $70.

I have never smoked pot. I have also never rolled a cigarette.

How long would a quarter ounce of pot last?

It really depende on the person; for most folks, I’d say a week or two.

I guess I should have asked it a different way…

How many “joints” could be rolled from a quarter ounce? Just a standard joint, not the “wonder joints” produced by Booger in Revenge of the Nerds.

Ten? Marijuana has gotten so potent that I haven’t seen anyone smoke a joint in years.

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What do they do instead?

I think he means you don’t need to smoke the whole thing at once.