Colorado, Marijuana, and You

Yes I live in Colorado. Yes, you can buy weed in a store here.

  • sigh *
    Yeah, I smoke it every day. Two joints in the morning, two joints at night, you know the drill. Yep, everybody in Colorado smokes it or eats it in brownies. All the time. We are all stoned, all the time. Fans blowing smoke is how the Broncos beat The Chiefs, and the plan is the same when The Patriots come to town in a few days. That Velveeta shortage–that’s our fault. That Twinkie calamity? That was some visionary at Hostess–you still can’t find them here. Yeah, we’re all pretty much done up here in Colorado. You done? Good. Can we talk about indemnifying your client now?

I was gonna put this in The Pit, but…well, you know. Don’t get me wrong, prohibition is a bad thing as is substance abuse. But please, you look like a freak when you ask a stranger/business associate whether they’re puffing the magic dragon just because they can. Sure, pot sales are booming but that doesn’t mean everybody in Colorado has suddenly become 15 years old. I’m serious, at least once a day someone calling from another state, when the business part of the call is done, gets all cozy, does the nod & wink (over the goddamned phone! How does that even work? But they do it!) and very coyly enquires about “that newly legal product” and whether or not I’ve given it a whirl. WTF Seriously? What part of, “This call may be monitored or recorded…” makes you think I’m going to let the small talk wander into that big field of tall grass where we could just lay there in the sun and feel it caressing our faces until we fall asleep and dream about being in a Hollywood movie?

But I really do love this place.

C’mon man, everybody’s doin’ in. You don’t wanna be a square do ya?

But surely you’ll never tire of incredibly witty banter about being both high on dope and in elevation!

I am undone, Jack. That will never get old. Jesus, maybe I should just go grab an ounce and call this a short week.

Reminds me of, I think, a William F Buckley show/interview from the 1980’s. The topic was cocaine. The guest (I don’t recall who) was going on all wild eyed about how if it was legal, everyone would be doing it and it would destroy civilization. :rolleyes: Buckley deflated the balloon by saying that he certainly wouldn’t be doing it and asking if the guest was saying that he would be doing it. When the guy said no, Buckley clarified that since neither of them would be doing it, clearly not everyone would be doing it, so stop with the hyperbole, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

And oh yeah, ask me on a company phone during work time while I’m surrounded by co-workers - let alone the idea of the call being recorded - if I’m engaging in activities that might get me fired. I’m quite certain that I’ll give you a very detailed, open and honest answer. :wink:

Colorado, eh?

Lemme ask you something man… you ski?

I hear that shit is legal and top notch over there. You do any?

When California’s groundbreaking Prop 215 was passed, a news reporter was interviewing the leader of the Yes On 215 coalition and she said, “You know, this initiative is supposed to be about providing medical marijuana but nobody here looks like they have an illness!”

You seem kinda grumpy. Weird considering you smoke pot non-stop, being as you are from Colorado.

So I guess I don’t know enough about the law there, other than the fact that it was recently legalized. But if it is legal now to purchase and smoke it, does your company really still consider it a firable offense? Can they do that?

Alcohol is legal but you can be fired for being drunk. Oxycodone is legal with a Rx but you can be fired for showing up under the influence.

You can get a DWI while taking OTC medication.


Companies with Federal contracts still have to fire you.
Companies that just prohibit it can still fire you.

Yeah, there is the issue of determining whether or not we’re impaired at work. Until that’s pinned down as well as it is for alcohol it’s best to keep use on the down-low. Also, it’s still not legal at the federal level (a concern for a national insurance company who has an interest in being seen by various government bodies as mindful of laws & such). Which means it’s technically still illegal in Colorado. The law is largely symbolic in that regard–if they wanted to, the feds could land on us and shut everything down. But they won’t get any help from state/county/city police. I guess in theory the US Supreme court could weigh in and make things stinky between Colorado & the rest of the republic but it’s not politically expedient to strike down the will of the people over this–not unless things really get out of hand.

We’re guinnea pigs. If we don’t get all reefer madness, and if the DEA continue to not care, then Washington State might get more serious about setting up & regulating distribution. Then other states will gradually follow suit and we can all feel a little more alright. But if we blow it everything gets rolled back another couple centuries.

I do not believe that **The Great Sun Jester **even smokes pot anymore. Maybe he used to. The potency of the currently grown product precludes 2 joints in the morning. More like 2 or 3 puffs and then you forget what you are doing, where your pants are, what you do for a living, etc.

I’m, sure this post had a direction when I started it, but now I’ve got to get a donut.

Can I buy Krispy Krème stock that is state specific? Cause it’s a goldmine Jerry!

But are they going to continue with these policies? I have already seen changes at my place of employment where questions are being asked instead of pee tests.

No apparent issue, no pee test. We do have a drug free workplace program in place, but there are ways around it that do not involve testing.

We talked to him and there does not seem to be a problem is the new, unofficial policy. You would have to be pretty wacked out to get a referral to be tested.

To be honest Dallas, I burn maybe 3 or 4 bowls a year–shared with my bride. And you’re right about the toxicity. I’m pretty well incapacitated after 4 hits off the pipe–like severe motor impairment, vision down to about 5 frames/second (can’t watch TV), memory blackouts. The thought of doing a whole joint of that is just nuts. But then my daughter gave me a joint or two as a father’s day present (it was an irresponsible joke gift) and it was much tamer in comparison. I hope she didn’t pay much for it. :slight_smile:

Play dumb if they’re coy about it, it’d be *really *funny.

“That stuff that was just legalized? You mean gay marriage? No no, I don’t have a boyfriend, but thank you for asking.”

A group of us at lunch were speculating about the logistics of finding some border town in Colorado, getting really baked, and then stumbling across into Utah and all getting married to each other. If Arizona and New Mexico were to legalize other things, like cock fighting and raw milk, we could have a whole Four Corners blowout.

I will never ever ever smoke anything. Never.

At least not with Willie.:smiley:

The CockWedGrassMilkapalooza? I’m in!