Assume you visited or moved to a state where Pot is legal. Would You try it?

Easy question and relevant. Let’s assume we are all pot virgins here. :smiley:

Would you try it?


No. I’m sure that there are some people, somewhere, that have legit only never smoked weed because it’s not legal. I am not one of those people.

Nope. Don’t need or want it, and it was hard enough to quit smoking tobacco.

IIRC You’re in Alaska? You’re in a legal Pot state. But, many people don’t drink and that’s legal in every state (excluding dry counties). Everyone has to decide for themselves what they want to try… Pot isn’t for everyone.

Pot being illegal didn’t stop me before, so no reason to change on that. At my age if I was trying it for the first time and got all paranoid I’d probably never do it again.

I’ve already tried it once, even though it was illegal. It did nothing for me, so I see no reason to try it again.

(It was about 40 years ago, so I’m sure the relevant statute of limitations has already taken effect.)

At least once, if legal.

Live in Washington, where recreational use is legal. I used to smoke pot regularly. However, a lot of the jobs here still require you to pass a pee test, and follow federal guidelines. I drive a company vehicle and if there are any accidents, even when I’m not at fault, I am tested. It’s not a big deal to me, so I quit smoking when I got the job.

Smoked it occasionally when it was illegal. Smoke it occasionally now that it’s legal. (Washington)

Unlike Billery, way back when I did inhale; I just didn’t care for it at all. I have nothing against those who do (hey - it leaves more for you, right?) – it just isn’t something I’m interested in.

I began smoking it way too young. I slowed down in my early 20s. At that point I became an occasional smoker. While I was pregnant with my first of two kids at age 32 I quit completely. These days I may indulge twice a year while I’m drawing, and relaxing at home, but usually not even that often. It’s legal here in Oregon - which I’m happy about because I don’t feel that people should go to jail for it. But its legality makes no difference to me as far as wanting to smoke it again on a regular basis. I’ve had my fill.

I visited WA state. Went to a green store.

Smoking pot is not a big part of my life. But, it was very cool to purchase it without worrying about the police coming.


irregardless of legality, I don’t want to risk becoming a drug addict

I have asthma, so no. I might partake in a brownie, but it never interested me.

Nope, not interested at all.

Good thing weed isn’t addictive, then.

Anyway can’t really work with the assumptions in the OP since of course they’re inaccurate. But I would definitely buy some in a legal place. I’m just really disappointed in the way that legal weed has been implemented so far - my understanding is that even though it’s legal to buy, it’s still illegal to smoke in public and you have to go hide in your place of residence to do it. Yeah, it’s a stepping stone or whatever but still: I want the full experience of the public legal weed cafe.

No. Tobacco is legal and I haven’t tried that yet. My dentist has prescribed Vicodin, and I haven’t tried those yet either.

I don’t know, but someone else told me (really, many people told me) that quitting tobacco, especially cigarettes, is many magnitudes harder to do than quitting pot.

I voted yes. I’d try a brownie or cookie. See how the pot effected me. Can you order that from hotel room service in Washington or Colorado?

I doubt I’d smoke a joint. I don’t like the idea of smoke in my lungs. Probably can’t smoke anyhow in a hotel room. Pot or tobacco.