About the Star Wars books... HUGE, GIGANTIC SPOILERS!!

I haven’t been keeping up with them recently, so this came as a total shock to me.

I already know that Chewbacca is dead, but now Anakin Solo? And Jaina went to the Dark Side? That’s what I heard today, and I can’t believe my ears.

Someone tell me it isn’t so!

it appears so, airman doors. the review (s) on amazon for rebel dreams book 11, does mention the death of anakin, and the disappearance of jacin. it also mentions that jaina is having “a time of it” dealing with blow after blow. the reviews do not mention jaina turning to the dark side. they seem to say in her teenaged angst that she may have knocked on the dark side’s door. book 12 will appear in bookstores around may 28th. perhaps book 12 will shed more light on your queries.

I haven’t read any of them since Zahn’s last book. Well, I tried to read the new one after it, but I just couldn’t get into it…

Yeppers the Solo family is having a tough time.

CHewy is dead,
Anni is dead as well
One twin (Jacin) is captured
One twin (jaina) flirted with the dark side dealing with rage and the pain of lossing lots of people close to her. Kip (the Jedi at odds with Luke) helped her thru it so she only flirted with the darkside.

The new Jedi order series is quite large with many books some much better than the others.

One character I am hoping they fill out more is Wedges Nephew Fet. He has potential to be quite an interesting side story.

“Rebel Dream” was a so-so book like some of the others in the series, but does fill in the time line for the whole saga nicely.

What? They killed off Anakin?

Okay, that just sucks.
I mean, it was bad when they killed Chewie…why even MORE?

Well truthfuly I am suprised they have not killed off more. The new series is revolving with a HUGE threat to the universe hell, The Capital planet was taken by the bad guys.
also to add a spoiler:

Luke and Mara Jade now are proud parents of a little boy they named Ben :slight_smile:

Ok, the last one I read was Zahn’s Vision of the Future. Someone who is current want to help me out and list (in order) the books after Vision? I’d like to get back into this series, but I want to do it in order.

Mauvaise, if you see one of the newer books in a bookstore check the inside cover and you´ll find a timeline for all the books and when they occur in relation to the movies.

I´m at work now otherwise I could have checked in one of mine.