Above-it-all pussies at the New Yorker

Why this reference to New Yorker? Some sort of rivalry with CL empire?

I don’t see anything sinister about the reference. It’s just Cecil’s sarcastic dig at another journalistic outlet, one which is known more for more for literary commentary than Mythbuster-type debunking.

Know-it-all master dissing Above-it-all pussies.


I don’t think it is a matter of above-it-all, more that the New Yorker isn’t exactly a journal describing experiments. While they did nave writers who understood science in the past, the general view is that New Yorker writers far from being familiar with differential equations find it challenging to balance a checkbook.
I’ve subscribed for 30 years and that’s not quite true, but I get Cecil’s snark.

OTOH, their cartoonists can’t hold a candle to Slug Signorino. I’m just sayin’.

Calling them “pussies” seemed a bit out of place for Cecil, awfully harsh to use such a direct word.

And I agree that Slug is awesome.