Abscessed Tooth: Why Now?

Apparently, a botched root canal job more than twenty years ago has led to an abscessed tooth today.
Now there was an infection(?) that resulted in an encysted(?) bubble that was readily noticeable to the touch for years. Since it didn’t cause any problems and never seemed to change, it fell very far down the priority list. That stayed that way for years and years.

Yet, suddenly, in the past few days the infection has started to spread. Immense swelling an pain and exceptionally foul weepage have ensued.
I’m under a dentist’s car and will be seeing an endodontist shortly. I’m not looking fort very valuable medical advice [:dubious:]that can be garnered via the internets - I have local professionals being paid very well to do that already.

What I’m looking for are probable theories as to why it decided to act up now.

There’s not an undue amount of stress in my life atm - certainly there have been many more stressful periods in my life. My nutrition is the same as ever - I eat a wide variety of foods and take the occasional multi-vit.

Is there any rhyme or reason for why it would have flared up now as opposed to any of the years in the previous decades?

Or should I be asking why it took so damn long to act up?

Your metabolism and immune system slow down as you get older. Perhaps it was a low-grade infection that you could keep up with when you were young and vigorous, but which is outpacing your slower-off-the-mark immune system now.

I’m sorry, I really am, but sooner or later someone else was going to comment on you being under the dentist’s car as a contributing factor, and it had to be me.

That being said, I’ve had a abscessed tooth, and it’s not a pleasant experience. It happened to me several years after a trauma, in my case a fall, which did not result in visible damage, but left an underlying injury. I was young when I got the injury, and young when the abscess occurred, under 20 years old, so I don’t think my immune system had grown weary, I just think that the bacterial colony growing in my jaw managed to select for Bill Door resistance and overwhelmed me.


I had to re-read your post twice before I caught on.

sure sounds reasonable
I’d buy that