" Absinthe" the most evil drink ever invented?

Sorry, I hate to be rude, but you guys are a bunch of light weights! Any god fearing drunk Just knows that CYNAR ARTICHOKE LIQUEUR Is the most evil drink ever know to man kind. What sicko would make a booz out of ARTICHOKES? It tastes like a combination of aspirin, and pine sap. I think I would rather drink bong water then ever assault my tong with this stuff again, this is what Satan’s vomit would taste like after he drank Absinthe!

I hear it’s an aphrodesiac…

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

ba da boom:smack:

** Morkfromork** wrote:

Wow, I wasn’t aware of that. Is it readily available?

Pretty much any reasonably well stocked liquor store here in Calgary has a couple brands.

Absinthe is really easy to get in the US. Just ask your local drug dealer. A friend of mine got a free bottle awhile back and gave it to me. It was gross at first, but I acquired a taste for it. Kinda like Nyquil.

Hey, Morkfromork, Calgary’s in Alberta, not Canada.

Friggin Albertans…


And thread lockdown in 5…4…3…

Hmmm. Yes, sort of.
One of the most popular brands sold today (including in Canada) is Hills. And it sucks. It has far less alcohol and very little Thujone.
When compared to Hills one may as well drink vermouth.
(I hate vermouth!:mad: Whenever I order a bourbon on the rocks and they bring me a Manhatten I bitch until I get what I wanted…free!)

But if you’re talking about absinthe from the days of old, then vermouth is a light weight. Prior to being banned (about 1912)the thujone level of most absinthe was around 260 ppm (parts per million, or mg/kg). Today, the most popular brand, Hill’s Absinthe, has 1.5 PPM of thujone.
I doubt any vermouth has anywhere near 260ppm.


Bravo! :smiley:

I’m with Gulo gulo…Zima takes the evil drink prize, although I think Budweiser deserves some credit in the “underrated evil” category.

So – is there anyplace you still CAN acquire absinthe with the original thujone level of 260 ppm?

And, if you did, and drank it, would it make you hallucinate, or have any other non-alcohol-related effects?

And, if not, would it be possible to make your own original-strength absinthe at home with some pure grain alcohol and wormwood extract, or whatever you call it? And is “wormwood extract” something you can get?

I was just going to say what pkbites said about the strength of modern Absinthe. It’s weak.

Absinthe in Prague is everywhere…but it is nasty stuff. My friend owns a bar here and he grudgingly stocks it cuz all of the tourists ask for it…but then they end up puking all over the place. Yeah, lets drink cheap beer all day, then go to a club and have Absinthe shots! :rolleyes: :smack:


yeah tried absinthe on a school trip to Prague.
It came in massive shotglasses and we downed them with our teachers, instantly my mouth got that watery “uh-oh, I’m gonna puke” feel to it but I didnt until later in the night.

Also have tried it from supermarkets a few times here in the UK, not up to much and certainly not hallucenogenic.

The honor of most brutal drink in the world is Cisco, which back in the day was known as “liquid crack”. I’ve never had a drink that kept me hungover for 2 days.

goes to Cisco.

The most evil drink in the world is buttermilk.

Or perhaps not. I’ve always tended to regard buttermilk in the same class of liquids as poster paint.

The most evil beverage known to man is spruce beer. It won’t get you drunk, but you’ll wish you were, if only to drown the memory of its pine-sol flavor.

Ok so what would happen if i were to roll some wormwood leaves? twigs? and light up.

Is wormwood legal?

Artemisia Absinthium, or wormwood as it is sometimes known, is readily available at garden centers and is not controlled in any way.

The absinthe I tried was ‘home-made’ and they said they got the wormword from a health food store or organic store in Victoria.

I doubt I’d recommend trying this unless you know for sure what you are doing. And apologies if I wasn’t supposed to say this on this list.

And I need to add: Mike’s Hard Lemonade being made with malt liquor is wrong. WRONG!