Okay. I am curious about absinthe, and kinda want to try it out for myself. I saw on Ebay that some guy is selling somthing called an absinthe booster, into which you add one liter of vodka and voila, you have absinthe. The guy advertises that the final product has a high concentration of Thujon, and I was wondering if anybody knows what that is. Also if anybody knows how serious the side effects of absinthe drinking is? Damn, I guess I shouldn´t have watched Moulin Rouge for that 19th time :wink:

Check out www.erowid.org. Click on plants and drugs and go from there.

Insanely cool;

Explains the whole entire fairy scene in Moulin Rouge. :slight_smile:

You totally rule!!! That website answered my every question, plus some others that I didn´t know I had. My absinthe drinking days are closing in. Hail the green fairy, hail.

Mods, can we get this closed? Absinthe has dangerous chemicals in it that can and sometimes do make you go insane. I don’t think we want to encourage this.

Let’s not forget what Mr. Adams has to say on the subject.

Not to mention a whole host of other nasty side effects like kidney failure and liver damage. IIRC the threshold between an intoxicating dose and a dangerous one is rather thin.

Thujone is illegal in the U.S. This thread is closed.