Absolute best NATURAL peanut butter

“Natural” peanut butter is certainly a misleading term, but a lot of peanut butter has hydrogenated oil added to stop it from separating, and some has various other things added. I would think “natural” peanut butter should include only peanuts and absolutely nothing else, because otherwise where do you draw the line. But the word “natural” ends up meaning whatever the manufacturer wants it to mean, I guess.

I suspect they don’t need to be. If there’s a forest of many labels on the shelf, you probably make more money even if you simply pack the same product under several labels instead of one.

My favorite is Crazy Richard’s (it used to be called Krema):


I have it almost every day with an apple, which, if you haven’t tried it, is a great taste combo.

At least they’re not trying to call it “unprocessed”. Unprocessed peanut butter would be a bunch of nuts growing into the ground.

Wegmans Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter is my favorite. No salt, no sugar, no oil. Nothing but peanuts.

Adams Chunky Style. Not only is it really good, it’s properly chunky–some have small bits and not enough chunk. Also, the jars are super heavy with a good wide opening and a stout lid and make great storage for other stuff after the peanut butter is gone. Free storage jars is a nice bonus. Plus, it’s cheaper than most other brands.