ABY switch for guitars and battery drainage

I put this is Cafe, maybe it goes in general questions

I found this 3- way ABY switch, my guy at my guitar store said he had never heard of one with more than 2, anyway I can plug 3 guitars into my amp.

I got it last weekend, and 2 days later the battery in my acoustic/electric was dead. So I thought it was because I either left the tuner on the guitar turned on, or I left the amp on for a week (I generally only play on weekends)

But today I picked it up to play, and I know definitely that the amp and the guitar tuner have been off all week. I especially made sure last weekend. Today the battery is dead again

I don’t see how it is possible that the ABY is draining power, it has no power of its own; can the amp be draining power even if it is turned off?

Could it be that I just got a bad set of batteries?

My active bass switches on its electronics (therefore using power) when a cable is plugged into it. Perhaps your guitar does the same thing, and you need to unplug it when you’re not using it.

That has to be it. I know TVs, or a cable box, draws some power even when off. It is minimal, may cost you 50 cents a year, but when a battery is involved, it is different.