ac power ?s

I have decent grip on dc but the internet and the library seem devoid of anything on AC. Sadly I need to use ac for a motor for a school project. So can anyone help me with:

A: a website that would explain AC wiring to me in small word

B: the actual problem which is as follows

On the motor there is 3 place to attach wires it looks like this


{}=where a wire from the wall goes in
G=green wire/ground(I think)
B=black wire
O=orange wire

Now the power cord that plugs into the wall has 3 wires a black on a green one and an orange one. So can anyone tell me how to plug the wires in from the wall

Did this motor have a schematic? This would tell you which wires are which.
Maybe if you were to put the name of the motor and manufacturer on this site a fellow doper could produce a schematic.

I must confess I’m not familiar with the color code you’re referring to. But if you’re dealing with a single-phase AC motor, it would be difficult to wire it incorrectly.

The first thing I would do is connect earth ground. Using a cheap DVM or continuity meter, determine: a) which motor conductor is tied to the motor’s case, b) which conductor in the power cord is tied to earth ground, then c) CONNECT THE TWO TOGETHER.

After you get the earth ground situation squared-away, simply connect the AC lines.