Academy Awards Motion Picture of the Year, 2020-"so far"

“So far” because lets face it, with Hollywood productions closing shop everywhere, its questionable how many more new titles we might see the rest of the year.

I know there’s probably a few movies “in the can” but out of what has been released in the theaters and online so far, what are the top candidates?

Is there anything streaming that would be a candidate that you think is being overlooked?

Onward seems to have won a lot of hearts.

I have not seen it but it seems a lot of folks are recommending The Invisible Man as a must-see.

Any Best Actor buzz for Ben Affleck in The Way Back?

What if no more titles make it to the theaters the rest of 2020? Should there even be an Academy Awards in 2021? Should 2020 titles be rolled into the consideration list?

To your final round of questions, serious Oscar contenders, or at least films studios intend to push as serious Oscar contenders, tend to be timed for release towards the end of the year so that they are fresh in the minds of voters when they start aggressively campaigning for them. Plus some of them will hope to still be in theaters when golden globes and Oscar nominations come out so they can get a boost at the box office.

Which is to say that the impact to the Oscars will be minimal if theaters open up again in the fall. Every now and then there is an outlier released earlier in the year, be it a summer blockbuster like Gladiator and Mad Max Fury Road, or a genuine fringe candidate like Get Out, but the norm is late-in-year releases.

A shorter release list will make room for a much larger In Memorium list.

The Best Picture contenders tend to be released late in the year, but Visual Effects is likely to be a summer blockbuster, and the acting awards can be from any movie.

What I’m wondering about is, in addition to movies getting delayed, there are also a bunch of movies originally intended for theaters that are instead going straight to streaming. Will this finally be the impetus the Academy needs to recognize streamed movies?

I’m nominating “Greed” as an early nominee for Best Picture and Steve Coogan for Best Actor.

Bad Education got an official theatrical release but it was generally released on HBO. Normally, that would hurt its chances; the academy likes to snub “TV” movies. But this year it could help it; it means more people got a chance to see it than they did the movies that would have been in theaters.

As for the movie itself, it’s gotten great reviews, it has Hugh Jackman and Alison Janney (two popular stars), and it’s the kind of story academy voters like - just controversial enough so they can feel good about themselves for voting for it (you won’t see them giving an award to The Assistant - that story is too close to home).

This year only, streaming movies are eligible for Academy Awards.

But only if they’re still “real movies”, that would have been released in theaters if they could have been. Which is just plain ludicrous.

But maybe, despite their insistence to the contrary, this’ll actually be the first step in the Academy finally adapting to changing times.

I recall reading that there is a very specific requirement for movies to be eligible for the awards, and it doesn’t take much to satisfy that criteria, such as a single showing in a single theater, or maybe two theaters. Who says that there has to be an audience for them? Presumably they have digital projectors there now, so just send them the file and let them play it on a screen in an empty theater.

The rule has been that a film has to show in a commercial movie theater in Los Angeles County for seven consecutive days, three times each day, to be eligible for an Oscar. This year only, the rule is that the film “must have already had a planned theatrical release. The film must also be made available on the Academy Screening Room member-only streaming site within 60 days of the film’s streaming or VOD [video on demand] release” for those films released up to the point that the theaters are re-opened. After that point, the seven day rule is reimposed, but besides Los Angeles County, theaters in New York City, the Bay Area, Chicago, Miami and Atlanta will also be accepted as places where the film can be shown to be eligible for this year.

This weekends movie viewing has added more insights:

The Invisible Man is a definite early Motion Picture of the Year Candidate, better than Greed. Elisabeth Moss should be a shoe in candidate for Best Actress.

Also saw Emma. I think best costuming, best direction consideration is fair, Best Picture nomination only if there are ten nominees. I have no problem with Anya Joy-Taylor getting a Best Actress nomination, Miranda Hart definitely should be considered for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

Not a good movie, but the soundtrack to Arkansas as composed by the Flaming Lips is awesome.