Acceleration Required To Transport Passengers 220 Miles Straight Up In ~40 Seconds (Spoilers for "Space 220" restaurant at Disney World)

(Solving the equation)
I am getting about 90 g too.

Well, if they are only serving very fast food…and you are using the drive thru…

s=220mi, t=40sec (My physics teacher in Grade 11 was English, so it’s s, not d)

s=a(t^2)/2 so a=2s/(t^2)=440/1600=0.275 miles/sec^2 (without stop at the end)

That’s 1452 ft/sec^2 and since g=32 f/s^2 that’s 45.4g

If we want to stop at the top(Instead of a hang-bag-out drive thru) assume a symmettrical ride.
s=110miles, t=20 sec
a=220/400=0.55mi/sec^2 or 2904 ft/sec^2 or 90.75g

I remember reading something once where some scientists suggested that if you were loaded into a container of freon that was heavily saturated with oxygen, the density of the freon would mean you are essentially neutral buoyant and can survive extreme g’s. The lungs should absorb the oxygen from the freon as efficiently as they do from air. Not sure how comfortable or practical it is to eat a meal while submerged in freon, Certainly the meal would not stay as warm. Then what happens when you get out and that freon evaporates out of your lungs or stomach. (Or intestines; Gas galore? Explosive incontinence?) What the article didn’t address was other air filled cavities, like the inner ear.

Apparently, though, they tested this on lab rats who survived just fine.

I think you are conflating something that was in The Forever War , basically people in a big tank of pressurized liquid as a way to survivehigh G accelerations, and the movie The Abyss where they have a funky diving suit system that flooded the lungs with an oxygenated liquid to survive extreme pressures . In the movie they shove a pet rat into a tank of the liquid to show it works.

From the liquid breathing article on wikipedia it mentions prototypes for animal experimentation.
Ok further reading it indicates trials have been done for pediatric medicine with new born lambs , and clinical trials on new borns but appear to be issues with the fluid type.

Your dinner for two is ready. Right this way, Sir. If you could just lower yourself into this tank of liquid for the journey, we’ll have you seated shortly. Yes, there will be towels waiting on the other side. How strong is your laryngospasm reflex? Oh…, never mind, never mind, in you go!

“I’d be full up, Brad!!”

Presumably Haldeman and James Cameron read about the same experiments that I read about. IIRC it was mentioned in an article back in the 80’s suggesting this was a way for astronauts to function in a very high-g environment.