Acceleration Required To Transport Passengers 220 Miles Straight Up In ~40 Seconds (Spoilers for "Space 220" restaurant at Disney World)

This video shows the VFX that customers experience when they dine at the “Space 220” restaurant at Epcot at Walt Disney World. For those not familiar, the concept is that the customers board a “space elevator” that takes them 220 miles up into space, wherein they enjoy their meal at a space station.

Unless the YouTuber cut something out, the entire “journey” seems to take about 40 seconds. I’m not proficient enough to work out the math required to determine the acceleration that would actually go on in this scenario, but I imagine it’s more than enough to kill everyone aboard, yes?

I think you’re missing the link to the video. (And I don’t think there’s any need to warn of spoilers. I doubt anyone really thinks a Disney ride is really taking them into space. At least not yet. Perhaps in fifty years or so.)

Sorry about that. Here’s the video.

Assuming starting velocity and end velocity are zero, then I think it would just be 20 seconds of acceleration and 20 seconds of deceleration for 110 miles.

I get a=2s/t^2 = to about 90 g acceleration and 90 g deceleration.

I might have done something terribly wrong though.

Assuming a static start, getting to 220 miles in 40 seconds requires a little over 45 g’s of continuous acceleration.

This is compared to a fighter pilot that can endure ~9 g’s using specialized suits and training.

According this, humans have survived with exposure to ~46 g’s before, but only for a few seconds.

But I think you’d want to be stopped at the end instead of going 40000 mph.

Okay, but that sudden stop is really gonna hurt!
OTOH, given the choice between that and Folly’s idea …

Maybe they’re actually doing a ride based on “The Marching Morons”…

I think you’re a pancake either way…

ETA: Get those inertial dampeners online

There’s a bigger problem than getting smeared against the floor during the trip. Space elevators typically go to stations in synchronous orbit. Not sure how it is supposed to work at 220 miles.

Anyhow, interesting the next time I want to mortgage my house for lunch.

Well good news, if we’re OK with 90 g (and I haven’t heard any emphatic objections so far) then we can go all the way up to about 62000 miles above earth in about 11 minutes or so.

ETA: never mind. off by a few orders of magnitude.

Would it kill Disney to use 350km instead of 220 miles? What are they going to do at EuroDisney? Also, according to this calculator, (Orbit of a satellite Calculator - High accuracy calculation) you’re going to be needing to go 7.7 km/sec sideways to match up with the space station. (Unless the space station is in a powered orbit to simulate 1 g in which case you are eating upside-down. Frankly the whole thing sounds awesome!)

For better or for worse, we use miles in the USA, where this attraction is located.

Probably use kilometers? Paris is on the metric system.

If the whole elevator goes up to geosynch and beyond, but the restaurant only goes to 220 miles up on that cable, then you could just hang there without needing to be in orbit, and have a gravity only a little less than what you’d have at the surface.

No McD quarter pounders.

And they put mayonnaise on fries!

At 90g, it’s a 22.5 pounder.

I can’t eat that much!

But if you’re just hanging on the space elevator cable, you don’t get to watch Earth revolve beneath you.

You know, I didn’t think we’d ever have to worry about giving away spoilers for a restaurant.