Accent of girl on TMZ

On the TV show TMZ there is a girl in the office with an accent that the group was making fun of last week. It was the way she pronounced “The OC”. Is this a Valley girl accent and if it is how can it sound so different then everyone else?

Have you heard any other examples? You really didn’t give us much to go on. If you’re talking about the girl 12 minutes into the 3/16 clip available on*? It’s just the typical California accent with the “valley girl” upturn at the end of most of her sentences, to the point where she actually sounds squeaky.

*Click TMZ on TV! and then click on the one Full Episode thumbnail, if it’s still there by the time you see this. You apparently only get the most recent episode.

Thats her, how come shes the only one that speaks like that in the office?

Presumably, she grew up somewhere different from the others…

(Perhaps even, dare I suggest, California?)