Accept a Plaxo connection?

I received a notice from someone I know about Plaxo. I’ve never heard of Circus Peanuts until a month ago, should I be equally ashamed I’ve never heard of Plaxo? I just read about it in Wikipedia, took the free tour from the website, I still don’t get it. What is it comparable to? If I accept the invitation what happens next?


In my limited experience, SPAM ensues.

I think the way it is supposed to work is that it provides the person who invited you an easy way for you to keep them up to date on your contact information. Conceivably, by joining and inviting your contacts, you could make use of the system to have your contacts keep you up to date on their contact information. I was glad I didn’t join with my real email address. YMMV, this was a couple years ago, their system may have improved.

If someone with your email address signs up for Plaxo, the application can search their address book for people who are already members of the site. If there are email addresses that are not found, then the new user can have Plaxo send invitations.

Plaxo is like Facebook, or LinkedIn, or any other social networking site. Plaxo seems to aggregate notifications from your other services (like Google Picasa), and put them in your profile.

I have a Plaxo account (I was invited also), so I just checked it. It mostly consists of my Picasa updates, and updates from the couple of friends I have on Plaxo.