Access control

So, there I am, in my quest to find the cheapest mid-sized chest freezer to ultimately turn into a ‘keezer’, ie, store homebrewed kegs of beer along with CO2 so they can be kept cold and dispensed easily. I’ve been all over town, looking at freezers and prices. Last night, I drove past a Sam’d Club around 9PM and on a whim decided to go in. I don’t have a membership, but what are they going to do?

I park, and make my way to the entrance. 20 feet off, the greeter, a man in his 30’s with healthy beard stubble, dressed warmly, looks up and makes eye contact with me. I approach and come to a halt just outside of the doors, 5 foot from our man.

He asks me, ‘Hi, do you have a membership card?’

I reply, maintaining eye contact, in an almost amused, but definitive fashion, “No. I don’t.”

I pause. The pause becomes a pregnant one, eyes locked on this guy, his mount slightly agape, as he stares at me, and me at him. I am assuming he will direct me to the membership desk, or deny me entry, or otherwise challenge me to answer questions about European fowl, but… nothing.

I finally break contact, twist on my heels, and head into the depths of the store, and don’t look back. Part of me felt that I had gotten away with something, another part was still trying to figure out what was going on. Had I witnessed our famous door greeter trying to do a paradigm shift without a clutch? Or had our mutual expectations of what was supposed to happen not met? I’m still confused, but giggling a little every time I think of it.

Maybe there was some free promotion for members? Since you didn’t qualify, he had nothing else to say…