Access databases and the internet

I put a kinda database thing together on my website (at the bottom) I know how to use access and excel to make the databases(im using frontpage, don’t crucify me) but I don’t know how to make my someone able to put new information to it on my website. So I was wondering, do I need years of study needed before I could fix that, or is the answer something relatively simple.

It is relatively simple. Check out FrontPage help on how to create an Active Server Page (with a .ASP extension). You have to link your database to the page that will use it, including userid and password, if that’s the way you’ve set up your dbase. Sorry I don’t have time to give you links.

Try Adding records to the database with ASP. Some others.

Most of these articles are generalized, hopefully your webhost has a message board where you can get more specific info.