Access Dropping Data in Last Record When Using TransferText

I’m using MS Access’s TransferText action to move a couple of identically formatted, fixed-length text files into tables. For some reason, the last 3 fields in the last record of each of these text files are blank when they’re transferred over. Each record contains 9 fields and each field in these two records contains data. This happens whether I import or link the tables, and the text files are both over 25,000 records. I’ve tried adding a blank line at the end of the text file and gotten the same results.

Has anyone run into this before, and does anyone have a solution for this problem? I’m baffled and I haven’t been able to find anything on it in Google. I’ve considered importing the files line-by-line, but that would be more time-consuming than I’d like. I can’t depend on what should be primary keys for the text files containing truly unique values.

If worst comes to worst, I’m sure I can figure out a way around it, but if this is a known problem with a set solution, I’d love to read about it.

Thanks, as always for your help.

Never mind. It turns out the data files I was hitting weren’t the ones I thought I was hitting and they were missing the last three filed. Excuse me while I slink off into the sunset in embarrassment.

Would a merciful mod please close this thread?