Access Question - retrieving image from URL

Greetings all

I have a database which has a URL stored in a text field which points to a JPG image - is there any way to retrieve this image from the URL and have it display in a report/form?

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Unless the image is blocked in some way, you should be able to copy the URL into a browser and open the image, then simply copy and paste it to your report.

That sort of defeats the purpose of having an automated report, doesn’t it?

Put a picture box on the form, then set the source to the URL.

nevermind; failed to read the title

That should work, but only if you (and other users) can successfully resolve the URL, meaning it has to be on a share that everyone can read, or on an anonymously accessible web site.

The URL is different for each record in the database, how would I get it to update itself on each page of the report?

That’s not a problem, the images would be on our organisation website.

Ugh. Is the URL already in the table or query you’re using as a source? Because then you’ll probably want to do this programatically. The appropriate article in the Microsoft’s Office Help database told me the following will work in Access 2002 or later:

It seems silly to me that there’s not a built in Picture control that will automatically take it’s file location data from a field.

I found that article and was in the middle of trying to copy the code across and adapt it when I realised that we had all the appropriate images stored on our server and I’d be able to use other data they’d entered to create a file path in my query. This then proved surprisingly easy to use to change the Picture’s Control Source property when the Report Loads - problem solved!!

Lateral thinking saves the day!!

Thanks for the help everyone.