accident victims and their driving habits

Dear Cecil, (I hope)
Whenever we see a report of an auto accident that says “lost control of car”, I wonder if the newpapers are missing a bet by not telling the public, “The victim was getting a blow job/eating a big mack/zipping up his pants, etc. and he lost control of his car.” Do the insurance companies keep stats on what they think the drivers were doing? Can you get a look at those data and report to us the trends, etc.?

I’m sure the data is kept somewhere. Possibly the CDC if the people died. I saw an article not too long ago giving statistics on how many car accidents yakking on cell phones cause, so I’m sure it’s out there somewhere. Possibly on the origional police report? It would take a very dedicated researcher to go back through all of those, though.

Witness if you will, a man gets in a horrible auto-wreck, but lives. The police come.

Policeman: So, what happened?
Dude: I lost control of the car. I think I hit some ice.
Policeman: You weren’t getting a blowjob?
Dude: (looking down) Ummmm…no. Like I said, ice
Policeman: It’s July.


So I doubt there are very good statistics on this sorta thing.

What Friedo said, is absolutely right. Even when there is somebody to ask. Often, there is not. Police guess at best. So, if an activatited cellular phone is found, they say “cellular phone”. Once I know they said, literaly: “There was an ambulace, with syren, coming on in the opposite direction, the driver got distracted and lost control”.
Maybe, when they equip all cars with black boxes, we will know more.