Accuracy of "Wings Over The World"/Igor Sikorski

This 1980’s cable series was great. Link:
My question: Igor Sikorsky’s son said that his father had a prophetic dream, at the age of 13 years. In the dream, Sikorsky said that in the dream, his father saw the inside of an airplane that he actually designed 32 years later.
I have been unable to find a biography of Sikorsky-is this story true?

Is what true?

That he had the dream? That he later claimed to have had the dream? That his son claimed that he had the dream? That he actually saw, in a dream, the interior of a plane he would design over three decades later?

What would you expect to find, in a biography, that would answer this question? Even if Sikorsky claimed, as an older man, to have had the dream, it doesn’t mean that he actually had the dream.

I wouldn’t call it prophetic in any case, because if he designed the aircraft himself, his design would be influenced by that dream.