Accused of theft at the grocery!

So I’m at the grocery, buying among other things some delicious Boca products. On some of the boxes there were peel-off coupons good for money off any Boca product. The coupons don’t happen to be attached to the products I want to buy, so I peel off a couple for use with the products I do want to buy. A woman sees me and accuses me of stealing the coupons! Her argument is that since I’m not using the coupons for what they were attached to I’m stealing them. My argument is that the coupons are good for any Boca products so I’ve done nothing wrong (and by the way, get the hell away from me you crazy woman).

Whose side are you on?

Hers. She might be crazy, but she is right. The coupons are meant to belong to the purchaser of the products they were attached to.

Put them back!!!

Well, I’ve done that with Boca products also. It seems to be prevalent; I have missed out on the coupons several times because people have beaten me to the freezer case, and I purchased the vareties that should have had the coupons to begin with.

Considering that the coupons are on the outside of the box, I would imagine Boca is aware that people will do this. I would guess that it’s an intended result – they get to distribute the coupons to interested parties in the grocery store, and they don’t have to pay the store anything to help promote the product.

From a practical standpoint, it’s probably a case of mixed stock or stock that the producer wants to move quickly so I’m assuming they meant for you to buy the product the coupon is attached to and get the associated discount. HOWEVER, they would restrict the coupon to just the product line they wanted to shill quickly and therefore not make it a general discount coupon. So technically, you are well within your right to use it as if you clipped it from a flyer. IMHO.

The nosy witch needs to fuck off and get a life.

Ummm… it’s unethical and rude to do this. You are stealing from the people who actually will purchase the product with the attached coupon.

It’s not stealing and she should mind her own business. If Boca only wanted people who bought that particular item to have the coupon, they’d put it INSIDE the box.

Totally agree. Also, if the coupon was intended to be used only on the particular product it was attached to, it wouldn’t list other products as valid for redemption.

Most likely, Boca doesn’t give a $%^& which of their products get purchased, as long as they move more product.

TIFM tho that slapping the old lady and saying “#@$% off, bitch. Mind your own business” is going to ruin your day. Especially if the old lady is your Mom. :rolleyes:

Chalk me up for “not stealing.”

Since your taking the coupons off boxes that have them to “put on” boxes that someone else has already removed the coupon from, then it’s not really stealing. If the boxes that you were going to use them on never had a coupon affixed in the first place, then it would be stealing.

Ah, yes, but if they did that, the 50 cent off coupon wouldn’t attract your attention when you were perusing the selections, would it?

For me, if it’s attached to the box, you get to use it when you buy that product. Otherwise let it go for the next guy.

You didn’t steal per se, but what you did isn’t very nice.

Yeah that sounded lame.

Yeah, I don’t think it’s literally stealing-for-which-you’re-going-to-get-prosecuted, but still not quite cricket…

That’s how I feel about it, too. But I wouldn’t badger someone in a store if I saw them doing what the OP did.

To clarify, the coupons are for $1.25 off the purchase of any two Boca products. So to use the coupon I’d have to buy at least one thing that didn’t have a coupon already.



Take it from me?

Toenails, Ingrown–Fungus Multiplying? :wink:

Or it might not have ocurred to them that people would take a coupon off a box of food they didn’t intend to purchase. One of my friends used to stock products for a vendor for a living, so I heard a lot about coupons and such. It might have been a quick promotion idea, and instead of printing up new boxes saying there were coupons inside, they put them on the outside. They’re not suprised when it happens, but it’s generally not the intent. I personally wouldn’t have done it, since I’m not buying the box of food, anything attached to the box isn’t mine. Hands off. Plus my friend would smack me, because she often had to take them back when they don’t sell.

If they’d intended people to go grabbing random coupons, they’d have their vendor install one of those little dispensers with coupons for everyone. Instead, they hoped someone would buy the box of product x, like it, and then be encouraged by the coupon to try other products in their line. Get them hooked by a coupon good for any product, you see. If you’ve got their coupon in hand as they go out the door, you’ve got them very focused on getting the product, even more so than with a coupon dispenser which depends partly on impulse buying. To remove a coupon from another box is reducing the value of the product by the amount of the coupon at the very least, sometimes the whole product is a loss because of it.
Like (accidently, I’m sure) pulling off a button on a blouse in a store. Now nobody wants it, they’ll all pass it over for one that’s intact. Finally someone is either desperate enough for a blouse, doesn’t care about the button, or the store eventually has to reduce the price to induce someone to purchase it. With food, the first two are fairly likely to happen eventually, but when it’s a product not stocked by a vendor, or the vendor agrees, it often goes into the dented can bin and everybody hopes to just break even.

Gah! I didn’t see Otto’s last post on the coupon for two items. I was talking about a coupon for just one item.

Doesn’t matter, I still think what you said above applies. While you can use the attached coupon for any 2 products in their line, you have to buy that product in order to get the coupon in the first place, seeing as how it’s physically attached directly to it. You can either apply it instantly to both that and another item in the line, or use it later on 2 of something completely different in their line. Either way, you are only entitled to take the coupon if you take the product to which it’s attached – otherwise, why attach it to anything at all?

So no, not “stealing,” but crappy behavior nonetheless, as it denies the person who is willing to buy that product in order to get and use the coupon the opportunity to do so. Now there’s a product sitting there that has a missing coupon and the customer who wants it loses out on the deal because Otto decided to tear it off.

My humble O is that:

Legally you are not stealing, since it was placed there for you to steal, but morally you are, so you will burn in hell for that for all eternity.

Was it worth it? (I’ll ask again in 100 years)