Acid in saliva?

Some of my saliva ended up on another persons skin and this person told me that it actually burned them or felt like burning at least. I was surprised by this as I’ve never experienced any discomfort or burning in my own mouth. I tried putting some of my saliva on my own skin to test and i did notice a very slight burning sensation. I’m just wondering is this normal or is there a ph balance or acid level balance that’s off in my saliva?

It is almost certainly psychosomatic. Soft drinks like Coke and vinegar are very acidic and they don’t cause any noticeable burning sensation when they get on your skin do they?

You would have to have saliva in the same acidic range as stomach acid before it would cause acid burns and that isn’t happening. You wouldn’t have any teeth left and your mouth would be destroyed if you saliva was like that all the time.

Acid reflex is a real and common condition but it is very uncomfortable to the people that have it so it is something you would need someone else to point out to you. It would be obvious to you because of the associated symptoms.

Ask a doctor about it if you are really concerned or have other symptoms that you aren’t reporting. It sounds like the person in question just has a really dramatic way of protesting the fact that you got some spit on them (or they are part witch from Oz).

Well I feel a bit relieved reading that, I don’t believe I have the symptoms you’ve described although i’ll certainly be more attentive. The circumstances that resulted on the person making contact with my saliva was not pleasant to say the least, so yes that may have affected their reaction or (overreaction) to the sensation.

Your friend needs to lighten up. Saliva is a natural buffer, modulating the acidic pH created by the bacteria in your mouth. If there’s a problem, it’s with your friend’s skin, not your spit.

That’s good to know. I wouldn’t refer to this individual as my friend however.

Were you by chance eating some very spicy food recently? That might leave traces in your saliva, which could lead to a burning feeling.

So it must be asked, how did your saliva end up on the skin of a mere acquaintance or possibly a perfect stranger?