ack. reverb overload.

I caught part of Conan’s show tonight where Tori Amos was singing and playing her 'dorfer - and oh my, she has a lovely voice. But it seems like the trend these days is to run everything through as many layers of effects as possible. So instead of just getting to hear Tori, we hear Tori with some unholy amount of reverb and lord knows what other sorts of effects in there. It’s a big mush of processed sound.

'Sup wid dat? Does this really sound good to anybody? I mean, a little added reverb is an OK thing, especially with close mic’ing. Makes for a more natural sound, IMHO. But overdoing it like that can but distract from a wonderful voice that doesn’t need embellishment.

I’m hereby starting the “Citizens Against Excessively Processed Sound” society.

peas on earth

But if your organization gains any power, then over-processed studio bands are screwed!

Where do I sign up?

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.