Acrobat in MSWord vs. Lotus Notes

Here at work, our default mail program is Lotus Notes, set up to run with personal settings from a network drive. To do that, we need to set a shortcut with an argument on the command line telling Notes where to look for its settings. So far, so good. We have some PCs running Windows 98 and some with Win2K, all running MSOffice XP.

Now we’re installing Adobe Acrobat, which sets up a macro in MSWord to make a PDF file, which works fine, and two that include mailing that file away, which doesn’t. Windows 2000 knows that Notes is our mailer (wherever that info is kept, in the registry, I suppose), but runs it without the command-line argument we need. The template containing the macros is locked down, so we can’t do anything with it.

What we’d like is for the mail macro to work, using the appropriate command line. Failing that, we’d be happy enough to get rid of the two macros that try to mail.

One of our guys tried the Adobe site with no luck, and I’ll be looking there myself. Meanwhile, can anybody help?