Acrylic blocks (vs. glass blocks)

A couple of weeks ago I started a thread asking for people’s experience with constructing glass block walls.

Now I am thinking about acrylic block walls instead, both because acrylic blocks are cheaper and because they are lighter-weight and so probably easier to handle.

My partner is concerned that they will become scratched and cloudy-looking. I think they will be in a low-contact environment (shower surround), I will be virtually the only person using the shower, and if I am careful about cleaning, scratching shouldn’t be a problem.

Anyone with real-life stories to tell?

Don’t have any experience with acrylic blocks, but I’m interested in hearing about this. If they do get scratched you should be able to buff them out. But maybe they make something that looks like frosted glass and wouldn’t show the scratches so much.

I’d imagine that frosted acrylic would be difficult to keep clean. I think wavy glass block would be best myself.