ACT 2000 freezes on startup under WinXP Pro

I have just installed ACT2000/5 (and updated it) on a WinXP Promachine. (PIII600 384MB)
When I start it, the Quick Wizard comes up. I run through that and ACT freezes.

I tried starting ACT again and skipping the Wizard, and it still locks.

Any ideas on why it’s locking up???

You might try uninstalling it and re-installing using the Compatibility Wizard available in XP Pro. Tell it to install it as a Windows 98 program and then see if it works. Had to do that with a few progs when I got XP.

No go.

The Compat. Wiz didn’t work. :mad:

I got ACT 2K working!
My ‘Spooling’ service was disabled.
I don’t have printer so I had disabled it a while back.

Once I started it, ACT started up with no problems.