Activating Windows XP

Is there an way to manually activate Windows XP?

Sounds simple but I’m having problems doing it. I get the little bubble window in the taskbar that says I have to activate XP but when I either #1 or #2 click on it the window just goes away without bringing up the Activate Windows Box.

I can’t do any more updates until I activate XP. MS says to go to Start/Accessories/System Tools/Activate Windows but there is no such shortcut anywhere within Start.

I searched for an executable, act*.*, within C:\Windows but find none.

I’m afraid XP will shut down for good without giving me the chance to activate.

I think that about as manual as you can get is to call Microsoft, tell them you want to activate XP, and read out a long string of digits that the rep will tell you how to get. He then gives you a long string of digits and numbers back, which you enter, and voila! ve haff activation.

As far as I’m aware, there’s no way to activate XP without contacting Microsoft, (either by fax, phone or online) which, when you think about it, is the purpose of activation.

To start the activation process manually, as per this website, you can type

oobe/msoobe /a 

at the command prompt. I’ve never done this, so I’m not quite sure how it works. It’s surprising that you don’t have the Activate Windows link on your Start Menu - have you tried Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools?

For the sake of this thread, I’ll assume you have a valid copy of Windows.

Google “change xp serial” and you’ll come up with some registry edits that will allow you to enter your serial number.

I have the code I can’t get the Write Code Here Window to come up.

Did it a week ago on this new laptop. Wiped the hard drive to start afresh but I think I shouldn’t have hit Remind Me Later button.

Don’t beat yourself up to much, call MS, support for activation issues is free.

Just ring Microsoft. It’s painless, and the people in their call centres actually speak English.

Never mind, I wiped the hard drive again. Just activated Windows.

I suspect the activation program was in /Windows/PC Health. Is that a standard Windows directory? I thought it was for Dell only. I have a Dell OEM install disc and deleted that directory at the same time I went into the registry to change the Start Menu’s Dell Support Button to what I use the computer most for. I could of moved the directory for a little empirical evidence but, naw. Besides, while re-installing I partitioned a few gigs for Linux From Scratch.