Activist Hedge Fund Mgr. Carl Icahn to be Trump's Treasury Secretary

This could get interesting.

Maybe he can do for the country what he did for TWA.

Crash and burn?

Not from St. Louis, I take it. Mention Icahn’s name in front of a St. Louisan over the age of about 35 or so, and watch their eyes go cold with hate. Sure, TWA had issues before Icahn got there to finish it off and strip the assets. But fuck that guy.

And don’t forget what he did to the Ozark pilots when he merged them into the TWA pilots payroll.

The offer was a joke and the acceptance is a joke, so interesting is not exactly the word I’d use. I do wonder when the last time was we had an 80-year-old cabinet member.

We can expect Secretary Icahn to sell off the less profitable states.