Actor Antonio Velasco Killed on set (2003): Resolution?

In August 2003 actor Flavio Peniche shot and killed actor Antonio Velasco during filming of a scene in Mexico. Peniche, upon realizing the Velasco was genuinely bleeding, rushed to his aid. Though Peniche stated that the gun was supposed to contain only blanks, and the gun was given to him by the prop manager (known as “The Brush”), he was still charged with Manslaughter.

Seven years later, and I can’t find if there was any formal resolution to the case. Initially, at least, the prop manager disappeared, and Peniche was released on bail. However, I cannot find any report of a final legal disposition or finding of just who was to blame. It doesn’t help that most relevant reports are in Spanish.

Can anyone find an update?

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Well, his IMDB page shows he is still working, so there is some hint.

My curiousity, then as now, is: was this truly an accident (or ineptitude), or did the prop guy or someone on the set knowingly and intentionally put a live round in the gun, with the idea of causing mayhem?

From what I’ve read of Peniche and the accounts of the incident, it seems Peniche is likely innocent, but I am intrigued if the prop man (or someone else on the set) rigged things for this outcome on purpose.

What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico.