Actor burn victim?

I half remember reading about an actor who was badly burned, but still managed to get movie roles. This may have been in the 70s or 80s. Does this ring a bell with anybody? My Googling failed to come up with anything.

Jack Palance suffered from burns during WWII, but that may be older than you’re thinking.

Richard Pryor?

Maybe not who you’re thinking of, but Jack Palance comes to mind. His face was disfigured when he crashed while serving in the Army Air Corps in WWII.

Robert David Hall or Jack Palance perhaps?

And now I feel like Jack Palance to Zeldar’s Alan Ladd.

No, it wasn’t Pryor or Palance. I didn’t know that about Jack Palance, though, interesting.

Probably not Robert David Hall either, I likely would have remembered him missing legs.


This is so annoying!

I know the guy you mean, I think. He had blond hair and played villains a lot. Off to the IMDB!

Better that than Elisha Cook Jr to his JP.

Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s correct. I didn’t mention he was blonde, because I wasn’t quite sure.

I hesitate to mention this, because I’m even less sure on this one, but he may have looked a bit like Rutger Hauer.

Or the Elisha Cook Jr character in Pale Rider or John Russell, for that matter.

Did Burt Reynolds get burned or just bad plastic work?

Without looking at IMDb, John Lynch fits the bill of looking like Rutger. He’s done some vampire roles and is a good villain type.

Mel Gibson?


Make that Richard Lynch who did have a bad burn (see link).

That’s the guy. Thanks!

Zeldar wins this thread!

Righteous! It was the Rutger thing that helped with the face and (part of) the name. I had no idea about his burn, though, until I read the bio at IMDb.

Also, Reggie Nalder had a long career. He scars had been supposedly been caused by burns. Ironically, his most memorable character is not a role that he is well for as being the actor (because of the makeup): The Andorian Ambassador from Star Trek TOS “Journey to Babel.”

I know it’s not the actor the OP means, butDan Haggerty (Grizzly Adams) also was badly burned when his beard caught fire:

He is still getting steady work.

Sort of a hijack -

Who are some other actors that had facial injuries -
Edward Hibbert springs to mind, as does the actor from Angelheart.

Who was the female actor in teh hollywood heyday that had the facial scarring that caused Max Factor to infent face spackle [what ever the stuff is actually called] to fill in her scar, and are there any pictures of her without makeup?