Actors/Actresses from your state game

Name an Actor/ Actress from your state
Charles Brosnon- PA

Brendan Fraser - IN

Psst… Charles Bronson! :wink:

Perry Como- PA

Clark Gable - OH

Perry Como was an actor?


Lots of actors from my state. To make it more challenging, I’ll name an actor from my county: John Lithgow.

Dawn Wells - NV

I’m from California, so it’s a pretty big list.

So, I’ll just go with Mel Blanc.

Marilyn Chambers, Rhode Island

Paul Lynde - Ohio

Bill Gates - Washington State.

Tommy Lee Jones - Texas.

David Canary - Elwood, IN

My hometown. He played Candy on Bonanza.

Rudy Vallee - Island Pond, VT

I couldn’t think of any from Washington either.

Lots from Michigan but I’ll take Harry Morgan mainly because he grew up in the same town I did, Muskegon.

Frankie Avalon- PA

From Astoria, NY: Christopher Walken

From Austin, TX: Ethan Hawke