Actors credits in commercials

Have there ever been any television commercials where the names of the actors (and the characters they played) were listed at the commercial’s end? (As they do in tv shows & movies.)

Well, I haven’t seen every commercial ever made (although sometimes it seems like I have) but I’d say no, because credits wouldn’t sell the product, which is the only purpose of ads.

In Hong Kong (where I’d spent my last nine years), lesser stars are often credited at the end of the commercials they star in - not in a black screen with scrolling names - there obviously isn’t enough time for that - but they have the name pop up in a corner of the screen for a while. Sometimes it even adds the adjective ‘popular’ in front of the bit that says, “TV Star: Name Here”.


At least some actor entries on have commercials listed in the “Other Works” category, which might be useful if you think you recognize a celebrity endorsement and want to confirm it.

First page of the complete list, by actor.

Other than the name of a celebrity whose endorsing something, US ads just aren’t going to list the actor’s names. A commercial is there to sell the product, and listing the name does nothing in that respect (unless it’s a celebrity).

Back before there was an IMDB, I’d occasionally rent movies just so I could freeze-frame the credits and find out who played a certain part.

These days with more and more people using Tivo to skip past commercials, I think a quick credit sequence might give people a reason to stop and pay attention. “Hey, let it play! I want to find out who the cute girl in that Coke commercial is.”