Actors in commercials who look like the President.

When Reagan was President, there was a commercial for, I believe, Barrons. The actor looked a good bit like Reagan.

When Clinton was President there was an ad for a health care organization, and the actor/model playing a doctor looked very much like Clinton. Strikingly so.

Now I see a commercial for some company (forgot the specifics, sorry) talking about getting a look at your credit report. The actor, from a distance anyway, looks like W.

Were/are these ads intentionally using actors who looks like the current President, or is this all a coincidence?
If they are, what do these companies hope to gain? I certainly would not be influenced by Bill Clinton trying to sell me anything. And Bush hasn’t been in long enough to influence anyone. What’s the dope on these actors?

No, no, PK, it’s just a coincidence that every person you see on the street looks just like Bill Clinton. They’re not clones.


Trust me.

I never see the Klones of Klinton.

Now, the clones of Dewight Eisenhower, those I see everywhere. They’re called babies.

I don’t know how many baby boys I see that look like him. The same wrinkled bald head. That silly,happy grin. The look on the face like he doesn’t exactly know what’s going on around him. That’s Ike! I see so many baby boys that look just like his clone!

What the heck were they doing back in the fifties?:wink: