Actors/Participants in Music Videos?

Movies, television shows, and documentaries, to name a few, usually credit all or most of the people who appear in them during the, uh, credits. In my experience, one is just left guessing as to who that person was that caught one’s eye during a given music video. I’ll throw out a few examples of what I mean:

  1. Come On Eileen, arguably the biggest hit for Dexy’s Midnight Runners. I think the “lust interest” (Eileen, presumably) appearing in this 1982 video is the same woman who was featured in the background of the 1986 Crowded House video for Something So Strong.

Come On Eileen, Dexy’s Midnight Runners

Something So Strong, Crowded House

While the woman in question is possibly the same in both videos, it’s not stated anywhere that I know of that this is indeed so.

  1. Consider also Katrina & The Waves’ That’s The Way, from 1989(?). The band itself is featured in the video, but then we have the “subplot” of the mechanic and his girlfriend ahem enjoying one another’s company. So, who’s the girl?

That’s The Way, Katrina & The Waves

  1. Last example: who are all those women shown in New Order’s Round and Round?

Round and Round, New Order

One guess on my part is that a part in a music video, well-known or obscure, eye-candy or significant to the “story” of the video, is listed on resumes. Maybe a still photo from the video clearly shows that Person A is in the video as they claim to be. Maybe there’s an affadavit of some kind from the band or their management, verifying the claim.

With so many bands, so many videos, so many agents, so many companies producing the videos, and so many appearances, I’m betting there’s no centralized database, so to speak, that would let one easily find out exactly who that girl was in Digney Fignus’ The Girl With The Curious Hand, as a for instance.

Anyone ever heard of any site that even attempts to do what I’m describing? Or have I made a muddled mess of trying to explain what I’m looking for?