Actors playing the same character in different TV shows/movies

Timothy Bottoms, who played Bush II in “That’s My Bush” also played him in DC 9/11 and as a cameo part in several other shows.

Here’s another one for you, more obscure (I had to look up the actress’s name).

Helen Ryan apparently bears a strong resemblance to Queen Alexandra, the wife of Edward VII. She has played her on three occasions, in “The Elephant Man,” in an episode of Sherlock Holmes, and in a miniseries about Edward VII.

ETA: Francesca Annis also appeared in the Edward VII miniseries as Lily Langtry, then later played the Jersey Lily in another minseries all about her.

Miss Mapp already beat me to Charles Grey and yojimbo to Peter o’Toole, so I’ll have to list the others:
William Daniels played John Adams in 1776 (on stage and screen) and in The Rebels. He also played Sam Adams in The Bastard and John Quincy Adams in A Woman for the Ages and in the Adams Chronicles. I’m pretty sure he played John in some small bits of advertising, too, and did the voice for The American Revolution in 1994. He had a lock on the Adams family.

Howard da Silva played Benjamin Franklin in 1776, again on both stage and screen, and went on to play him in a series of commercials for GE
Herbert Lom played Napoleon Bonaparte in War and Peace and in Young Mr. Pitt

Neither is Seasame Street. :stuck_out_tongue:

But two of them were nominally based directly on the book Dracula – The hammer film released in the US as Horror of Dracula and the Jess Franco film released in the US as Count Dracula. That’s pretty impressive.

I don’t know if this counts, but David Morse played George Washington in the miniseries John Adams and also provided the voice of Washington for the updated “Hall of Presidents” attraction at Disney World.

Actually, it’s much rarer for an actor to play the same fictional role in movies that were not sequels or part of a series. Here are a few:

Brian Donlevy and Akim Tamaroff played McGinty and The Boss in The Great McGinty. The played the same characters in Miracle of Morgan’s Creek.
Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche played the Duke brothers in Trading Places and also in Coming to America (a cameo).
Michael Keaton played Ray Nicolette in Jackie Brown and later in Out of Sight
Margaret Rutherford played Miss Marple in a series of films. She also played the role as a cameo in the film The Alphabet Murders, which was not a Miss Marple film.

Typecast as Hitler or at best Himmler…what a fate.

James Cagney won an Oscar playing song-and-dance man George M. Cohan in “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” Years later, he played Cohan again, in a much smaller role in Bob Hope’s “The Seven Little Foys.”
John Houseman played Charles Kingsfield, the snooty law professor from “The Paper Chase,” on at least two sitcoms: “The Associates” and “222.”

Angela Jones played the same character in the short Curdled, then appeared as the same character (with a slightly different name) in Pulp Fiction, then did a full-length film version of Curdled.

The classic example is Ed Asner playing Lou Grant in the Mary Tyler Moore show then playing Lou Grant (minus a sense of humor) in the show Lou Grant. And apparently, the character also showed up in Rhoda and Roseanne.

Charles Laughton played the title role in Captain Kidd (1945) and again in Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd (1952).

And he played “Munch” in the Very Brady Sequel as well. Although IMDB just lists him as LAPD Detective, the scene was a send up of Homicide.

He should partner up with Reginald VelJohnson.

I had it in my head that he did it even more frequently, but Edward Herrmann played Franklin Roosevelt in *Eleanor and Franklin * (and its sequel) and then again in Annie.

The classic example may be Raymond Massey, who played Abraham Lincoln in the movie Abe Lincoln in Illinois, then in two different TV productions of the screenplay, then in The Day Lincoln Was Shot and finally in How the West Was Won – a 22 year stretch.

Now, I know him best as Admiral “As Clumsy As He Is Stupid” Ozzel, from “The Empire Strikes Back”. :slight_smile:

Likewise, Peter Cushing played Van Helsing a number of times, both the original and modern day descendants. He also played Frankenstein several times. And he played Sherlock Holmes in two movies and a TV series.

Queen Victoria has several repeat performers, including Prunella Scales, Mollie Maureen, Fay Compton, Anna Neagle and others.

And I remember him as Laurence Scarman in the Doctor Who serial “Pyramids of Mars.”

Well, and as the supervisor who gets infected in “The Invisible Enemy.”

HE was FDR?! Man, I always knew there were a lot of surprisingly famous people in Annie (Ann Reinking, Tim Curry, Bernadette Peters, and of course Carol Burnett), but I didn’t know about him. Have to rewatch that one.

And Bela Lugosi played Count Dracula in both Dracula and Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Lon Chaney, Jr. played Larry Talbot in the same film, reprising his role in The Wolf Man

Michael Sheen has played Tony Blair three times.