Actors playing the same character in different TV shows/movies

I’m not really thinking of someone like Kelsey Grammer playing Frasier Crane over and over again. More like, the actor Obba Babatundé who played Berry Gordy in The Temptations movie and also in Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Well, technically he was Gordy Berry in Fresh Prince, but close enough.

Are there any other people like that? I guess it might make more sense to focus on actors playing real people.

Ian Hart as John Lennon in Backbeat and The Hours and the Times

James Garner played Wyatt Earp in two different movies.

Alan Hale Sr. portrayed Little John three times.

Peter O’Toole was Henry II in Becket and four years later played him again in The Lion in Winter

Michael Sheard has played Hitler five different times, most notably in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. He also played Himmler three times. Günter Meisner (Willie Wonka’s nemesis Mr. Slugworth) played Hitler in three projects.

So the same character in a different universe? As in, Richard Belzer has played Det. Munch in something like 8 different shows, but the idea is that all those shows are part of the same world and Belzer’s Munch has one timeline where he experienced everything that happened on those shows.

To use an example from above, this is in contrast to James Garner’s two Wyatt Earps, where we can assume there are fictional bit characters in both movies, and each of his Wyatt Earps aren’t expected to have known the fictional bit characters in the other movie.

Is that the idea?

Yeah, different universes. Shows or movies that aren’t really related or interconnected, but actors who have played a role in more than one movie or program.

Billy Frick was another multiple Hitler.

Going way back – Flora Robson as Queen Elizabeth I in Fire over England and The Sea Hawk. Plus a bit playing herself playing Queen Elizabeth on an English variety show in the '70s.

Bette Davis played Elizabeth I twice on film also.

As has Cate Blanchett.

Ooh, apparently Robert Barron who played Lincoln in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure played him in three other projects–I think TV shows.

Kurt Russell played Elvis in a '70s TV movie and then provided the voice of Elvis in Forrest Gump.

I don’t think we’re counting movie sequels.

Dennis Franz is always a cop.

It’s worth noting that one of Belzer’s appearances as Munch was on Arrested Development, which isn’t exactly part of the same world as the rest of the shows.

Ian Holm has played Napoleon at least three times, in “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” “Time Bandits,” and “Napoleon in Love.”

Christopher Lee famously played Dracula in several films, beginning in 1958. Some of the subequent films were direct sequels, but some of them were unrelated other than ultimately stemming from the same source material.

Patrick McGoohan played John Drake on “Secret Agent (Danger Man)” and “The Prisoner”-- or did he? Of course, if he did that means the shows were set in the same universe – or were they?

Laurence Fishburne played Bumpy twice, once in The Cotton Club and once in Hoodlum although the name of the character in Cotton Club was Bumpy Rhodes, his real name was Bumpy Johnson, the name used in Hoodlum.

Charles Gray (a fine, British character actor probably best known for having no neck and doing the Time Warp) has played Sherlock Holmes’s elder brother Mycroft both in the Jeremy Brett Holmes series and in “The Seven-Per-Cent Solution.”

Glenda Jackson has also played Queen Elizabeth twice, in a BBC miniseries and in the Vanessa Redgrave film, “Mary, Queen of Scots.”