Actors vs Actresses

Why are the acting categories in the Emmys and Oscars divided by gender? Acting is a profession like producing, directing, editing, or writing, all of whose members are awarded without regard to gender. So why don’t men and women in the acting profession compete directly?

so there will be more trophies to go around

Slightly OT but anyone notice how people are, less and less, using the word actress anymore. It’s actor regardless of male or female, more and more.

no markxxx, i think your point goes to the very root of the question. if the women don’t want to be called “actesses” any more, why should there be a separate category?

They probably do it like that because they’re afraid if more men walk away with awards than women, or vice versa, someone will scream “sexual discrimination.”

It’s less painful to keep things separate but equal… if not in pay, at least in recognition.

I think they should keep it as is, but include a Best Performance award that pits boys against girls.

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

Considering that there are a hell of a lot more good movie roles for men than there are for women, I think having separate awards levels the playing field.

Why not have an award for best directoress? This would mean more awards and would recognize women working behind the cameras.

To answer my own rhetorical question, I’m sure that directors like Jane Campion or Penelope Spheeris would feel demeaned rather than pleased by such an award.

Well to go OT again, why supporting actor/actress…The only really logical reason is to make more catagories.

Or as Bill Murray predicts: Best Supporting Actor / Actress…Who Cares. :slight_smile:

Who cares, indeed? That’s my whole attitude toward every aspect of awards for artistic endeavors. These affairs are nothing more than industry promos.

Perhaps it is because men and women, because they are men and women, are portraying such radically different characters that it would be completely ludicrous to compare the performances. Granted, this can sometimes or often be said to be true of the performances within the gender division, but some line has to be drawn, doesn’t it?

And yeah, it means more categories.

It’s also because that is the way it has always been done; it is a leftover from a less enlightened age.

I was gonna say something very profound right about now but I forgot what it was.

I am #1. Everyone else is #2 or lower.

ChrisCTP wrote:

Nuts to that. “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” have been separate categories since the first Academy Awards[TM] presentation in 1929 – long before people worried about sex discrimination.

Ultimately, I think it’s 'cause being a movie star has less to do with acting ability than with sex appeal. The two categories really correspond to “man in a movie that you most want to boink” and “woman in a movie that you most want to boink.”

I’m not flying fast, just orbiting low.

Okay, I can see that with Gwyneth Paltrow and Helen Hunt but how do you explain all of Katherine Hepburn’s awards?

Mike King:

Hey, hey, hey! Now let’s not get too hasty and start dogging out Katharine Hepburn. It’s been understood in my house for quite some time that our Ms Hepburn is the only woman I would ever leave my wife for. Although Kate hasn’t returned my calls yet…::sigh::

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