Actors you finally realize you've seen before.

I finally got around to watching the remake of The Lion in Winter with Patrick Stewart & Glenn Close. I kept looking at the actor playing the King of France & wondering where I’d seen him before. I go to IMDB & see that he played Pitt Mackeson in Ride With the Devil. Now, I really enjoyed that movie & have watched it many times. So, I’m thinking that it’s neat that ole Pitt got more work.

So, I move on down the list of credits for this actor and…

:smack: :smack: :smack:

Jonathan Rhys Meyers played Henry VIII on The Tudors, which I’ve also watched numerous times.

What actors/actresses have flown under your radar?

On Roseanne, it was years before I noticed that the guy playing Fred was Danny Noonan from Caddyshack.

I’d seen Galaxy Quest countless times, and the recent Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie twice, and it still wasn’t until a discussion on the former here that I realized that Sam Rockwell was in both (as Guy and Zaphod, respectively).

I watched The Last King of Scotland last night. It wasn’t until I checked the credits that I realised the actor playing the Scottish doctor also played Charles Xavier in X-Men: First Class.

Viggo Mortensen as a young Amish man in “Witness”, filmed way back in 1984.

He was also Wild Bill Wharton in the Green Mile. He’s one of my picks for this along with Gary Oldman. It took me a while to realize all the movies I had seen them in.

They don’t mind concealing their own faces for the sake of the characters, so sometimes you have to squint to see them.

In 2010 I saw Meat Loaf play live at a casino near me, and I swore for the life of me that the bass player somehow looked familiar. I couldn’t put my finger on it the entire show until the very end, during the third encore, when Meat introduced the members of the band. Turned out it was Danny Miranda, formerly of Blue Oyster Cult, who i’d seen play three or four times with that group before.

Last night I was catching up on my weekly TV. There was a guy playing a nerdy character on 30 Rock and I knew he was really familiar but couldn’t place him. Next in my queue was the first new episode of Eastbound & Down and there was that guy, who was one of the main characters in the first 2 seasons (Steve Little).

I also wondered who the incredibly hot latina was on the latest The Apprentice (Patricia Velásquez). Later on that night I started re-watching Arrested Development and there she was as GOB’s girlfriend Marta!

It was a weird week for TV :slight_smile:

Rewatching the 1968 Lion in Winter as an adult instead of a pre-teen (it’s my mom’s favorite movie), I was astounded at all the people you see that you (now) know. In addition to the peerless Peter O’Toole and incandescent Kate Hepburn, look! It’s Anthony Hopkins! And over there! Timothy Dalton!

Roseanne had a kid playing son DJ’s most boring friend. The kid lined up pennies and talked about their dates.

The kid was played by a pre-3rd Rock Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Roseanne knew how to spot talent.

We’ve been catching up on semi-recent movies lately. Watched Inception a week+ago. The dying old man was instantly familiar, except I couldn’t place him. Drove me crazy for a bit. And he was hardly on screen at all. Finally, I remembered where I saw him.

Let’s see if you can guess what movie we watched the week before:

The Town. The old guy was “The Florist”.

to my undying shame I didn’t realise that Big Bang Theory’s amy Farrah Fowler was Blossom until two weeks agos when I was wiki’ing.

While watching The King’s Speech, it was bugging me that the guy playing the voice tutor (Geoffrey Rush) looked familiar without me being able to place him. Remembering that he’d been in Mystery Men allowed me to relax and enjoy the movie.

It wasn’t 'til I got home and was describing the easing of that frustration that I remembered him the Pirates of the Caribbean. :smack: Oh, yeah. That, too.

I was at a concert several years ago and thought the lead singer for the opening act looked familiar. I thought I was just picking up on a general Elvis Costello vibe and didn’t think much about it. Turned out it was Adam Busch; Warren on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.[sup]1[/sup] Good band; I picked up a couple CDs and have seen them again.

The only other one I can think of is Bruce Boa. He’s the American air base commander in Octopussy and a rebel general in The Empire Strikes Back. He was also the obnoxious American guest at Fawlty Towers who wanted a Waldorf Salad.

  1. I was at the show with a formerly prolific poster here and huge Buffy fan who quit watching the show when Tara was killed off. Not only did she not recognize him, he was the guy who shot Tara and made her give up the show. To be fair, she’s the one who realized who it was the next day and told me.

A few months ago I saw The Sitter. I saw the stars’ names in the opening credits. I still couldn’t place the crazy gay drug dealer. I had to check IMDB when I got home. Yes, Sam Rockwell is good at hiding behind a role!

Here’s a good one: On this past 9/11, I was watching the memorial service, and decided to take a nap while it was on. Part of the service had some unnkown artist singing a Simon and Garfunkel song. I opened my eyes for a moment to look, and it was some old dude singing. I closed my eyes again and thought that this is sort of a big deal, why couldn’t they get some famous artist to sing it.

Then I slapped my head about six times.

Bruce Boa is forever the Colonel in Full Metal Jacket. “Son, all I’ve ever asked of my marines is that they obey my orders as they would the word of Gawd.” Love how he says Gawd.

Way back in the earl 2000’s I was watching Eastenders and one old lady caught my eye. I had no idea who she was, but I kept thinking; ‘Hello Foxy’.


Eventually I worked out that the elderly actress was Hilda Braid, who had previously played against Robert Lindsay’s **Wolfie **Smith character in Citizen Smith - hilariously getting his name wrong in almost every scene; “Hello Foxy” you see? Very amusing.

I hadn’t seen Citizen Smith since the late 70’s.

Allan Rickman was in both as well.

I’m a big Justified fan. I wondering where I had seen Dickie Bennent before.

Turns out he was the cowardly interpreter in Saving Private Ryan

Watching a showing of National Lampoon’s Vacation on TV recently, and realized that Cousin Vicki (“My daddy says I’m the best at it (French kissing)” is Jane Krakowski from 30 Rock.