Actresses jeopardizing their careers with bad choices

From the 5/13 IMDb poll:

“Which revered (or recognized as awfully good) actress is jeopardizing her status the most with recent choices?”

I went for Juliette Lewis, but she’s scoring way at the bottom. I suppose it matters a lot how long you’ve been aware of the actress in question, and what your image of her is.

Ya, see, this is why the old studio system created STARS. Say what you will about Mayer and Fox and Laemmle and the Warner Bros. and all those other schmoes. But they generally did have the brains and the emotional distance to know what vehicles were best for their employees.

Bette Davis herself said that if she’d come along 50 years later and been a freelancer rather than a studio contract player, her career never would have gelled.

Eh, I think “jeopardizing her status” is way too broad. We could come up with dozens (probably hundreds) of examples of actors who made a bunch of stinkers along the way and are now revered. On the big screen, you’re only as good (or as bad) as your last picture. The actors with real star power will stand the test of the time and their own bad choices.

In television, OTOH, once a martian, always a martian.